12 breakfasts around the world

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The alternatives are not just two – Italian breakfast and continental breakfast – but many, many more. Not to be nasty surprises in B & B, that’s what you should expect in the countries we have chosen for you.

It’s easy to say “breakfast included” because if it is true that a meal included in the price is still an additional service, it is equally true that between a croissant and a fried sausage there are half a pig and saturated fat. The perplexity to a continental breakfast have lived all those who have gone beyond the borders of Italy. The smell of the egg that goes into the nostrils accustomed to the aroma of coffee communicates cultural diversity that a moment before not even imagine. And if the first day of vacation look sullen waiter and objected an appealing “coffee” before you leave and go home you engage in a bacon. In short, it’s not really appropriate to make the teachers with anyone and, as you go abroad, you better know what to expect at the table so as not to waste time in disappointment and chauvinism tavern.

Mediterranean Europe


The croissant, a hallmark of Italian and French breakfast (photo by Juan Fernàndez).

1. Italy. We start from our country just to sweeten the palate. The tradition of sweet breakfast not often encountered and seems to bring together the main European countries bordering the Mediterranean. We Italians are among the most categorical: To start the day we want sugar, and toast with butter and jam, fruit, croissants, brioches and / or cookies (and from time to time, why not a nice clip). By drinking espresso coffee and milk and all that these two ingredients can create in combination.

2. France. The cousins across the Alps make a breakfast similar to ours, of tea or cafe au lait and croissant or baguette with jam.

3. Spain. End of the countries that choose strictly sweet breakfast. The Spaniards prefer to hire much sugar in the morning, but occasionally also are dedicated to savory. Here you will eat churros and Porras sweet, sometimes fried and brushed with cinnamon, or bolus (bun), toast with jam and torrijas, like toast dipped in sweet milk and then in beaten eggs and fried. The savory version remembers the egg in tortillas (like omelets) or bread with tomato.

4. Greece. The intestine is woken up with the greatest delicacy thanks to the greek yogurt, which can also contain fruit and honey, served possibly separately. Yogurt is so distinctive that the Greeks do not eat breakfast at the bar, but dairy. And always there the Greeks can enjoy a tyropita (cheese pie) or other treats savory feta cheese greek characteristic. In the summer we use to add the first meal of the day even larger volumes of fruit. If you opt for the savory breakfast the choice is endless, and you go to the bread flour and sesame buns, passing rustic containing exactly feta, spinach and olives. From drinking coffee greek, which is almost identical to the turkish.

Continental breakfast


English breakfast (photo byJavier Leiva).

5. Germany. Cross the border, without notice, in the dish you are the sausages, alongside an egg and maybe biscuits with butter. If you find yourself in front of the pastries or is it because you have asked to consume an Italian breakfast, or simply you were offered the savory version. By drinking tea, fruit juice or turkish coffee.

6. United Kingdom. Breakfast very similar compared to the German, with the replacement of the sausage with the sausage, which can also be deep fried. Further heaviness is given by bacon, which is similar to a bacon sweeter. Sometimes they also eat mushrooms, beans or, more simply, cereal with milk. To drink, in addition to milk, fruit juice and / or tea.

7. Scandinavia. Here we leave the continental tradition strictly, as the presence of bacon and egg may be the common thread. In the Scandinavian countries, however, also uses the fish, namely tuna or herring with dark bread or wholemeal. There is also space to dessert with krampfen with jam or cream and cereal mix. Drink cranberry juice or citrus.



Turkish breakfast (photo by Scarlett Columella).

8. Turkey. The Turkish breakfast is among the richest in the world, so as to have elements in common with the first meal greek, with the mainland and with the Arab tradition. So a breakfast that perfectly describes this country as a bridge between Europe and the East. At breakfast the Turks eat cheese (the kasar), the “simit” (rings of bread covered with sesame), tomatoes and olives, jam and honey, butter, cucumbers. Peppers (in “menemen” are accompanied by eggs and tomatoes or fried in oil or butter). Do not miss the sausage, spicy particularly in its local variant called “sucuk”. To drink black tea, juice or coffee.

9. Russia. The cold is ravenous energy sink, so better to be too heavy in the early morning. The traditions in Russia are many, but the cause of the different types of breakfast in the Eurasian country does not seem to be the coexistence of multiple cultures. Simply in Russia breakfast changes daily as it happens by us for lunch and dinner. Use it often still eat the kasha, a porridge of cereal that is associated with different ingredients both sweet and savory (you can find much fruit as the meat). In Russia you can find also cheese and breakfast meats, potatoes and vegetables in general, meat and fish. Each day a surprise, but in the hotels the most common solution is to offer a choice of sweet breakfast and continental breakfast.

10. China. Again, given the size of the country and different traditions, it is difficult to identify a single breakfast for the whole country. We can say in general that you prefer to start the day with a salty meal “complete” made with noodles steamed dumplings filled with meat or vegetables, rice with vegetables, meat or fish. Soy milk or tea.

11. Japan. In the land of the Rising Sun could not do breakfast with fish, cooked on the grill. Plus miso soup, pancakes and the inevitable rice.



Breakfast in Morocco (photo by Natalie Downe).

12. In North Africa has much colonial history, but the countries that border the Mediterranean still hold firmly their Arab traditions and the consequent preference for sweet and sour. In Morocco For frequent chutney (spicy sauce with fruit and spices) and the cheese with the flattened shape of the pita bread or Baghir (that is with the semolina). The beans are covered under the Egyptian tradition. Everywhere, in North Africa, could pick proposals also eggs. Move south towards radically change the dishes. In Senegal, for example, you eat tomatoes, vegetables and peanuts.

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