17 of the most beautiful staircase in the world

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The Street Art is increasingly becoming an art form authentic, wonderful, appreciated by more and more people, but that does not mean that the street performers can rest on their laurels – they must continually explore new ways to use the space and public turn them into true works of art. We’re talking about street artists and ordinary people who have painted stairs. Probably most of us would never even think about.

Many works can be appreciated only if viewed from a point of view of optimal. At first sight, up the steps, you may think that there are only splashes of paint thrown at random but, looking at the ladder from the bottom, we understand what the artist had in mind. But if the scale is quite long, down the steps, you see the picture come to life: stretching, turns, takes place. Of course, not all of these works represent actual pictures – some are just colorful decorations which, however, make the neighborhood that is home to even more beautiful and enjoyable.

A good number of these works were created through the efforts of entire communities, which shows how street art is gradually becoming recognized and appreciated throughout the world. When in Turkey, the local government did paint the stairs Rainbow Solidarity for the neighboring communities responded by painting your stairs. The stairs mosaic of San Francisco were created by more than 300 people who lived there, under the watchful eye of an artist couple.

1. Scale Mosaic, 16th Avenue, San Francisco


Photo credits:


Photo credits: Jordan Wong

2. Valparaiso, Chile


Photo credits: Jean-BaptisteYunis

3. Museum of Art Philadelphia


Photo credits: rleigh

4. Valparaiso, Chile


Photo credits:

5. Seoul, South Korea


Photo credits: Kevin Lowry

6. Wuppertal, Germany


Photo credits: frizztext

7. Caltagirone, Sicily, Italy


Photo credits: Andrea Annaloro

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Photo credits:

9. Beirut, Lebanon


Photo credits: E. Elias Jubran

10. The stairs leading to the theater of music in Seoul, South Korea


Photo credits: Kimhwan SEOULIST

11. The Scale of Peace, Syria


Photo credits: Jood Voluntary Team

12. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Photo credits:

13. Angers, France


Photo credits: Mademoiselle Maurice

14. Istanbul, Turkey


Photo credits: DHA

15. Morlaix, France


Photo credits: ZAG

16. Tehran, Iran


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17. Beirut, Lebanon


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