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18 photos of the most extraordinary natural phenomena

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Good or bad it is time, sometimes its fascinating oddities we can change the day! We chose to show you some of the most spectacular natural phenomena, mysterious and rare, that will leave you speechless!

Braynikl or “finger of death”

Are the icicles that form in the Arctic seas. These extraordinary icicles hanging under water and are very dangerous for the inhabitants of the sea bed. The phenomenon was discovered almost 30 years ago, but the first to photograph the process of origin was the team from the BBC in 2011.

In the northern latitudes record temperatures of -20 degrees at the surface, but under water the temperature is just -2 degrees. Warmer waters tend to rise to the surface where they often collide with small icebergs begin to melt releasing more salt. The higher density of salt now released again lowers the temperature of the current giving rise to an extraordinary icing that falls to the bottom of the sea swirling imprisoning everything in its path.


In a few hours it reaches the bottom and “finger of death” continues to expand on the seabed. In 15 minutes, he will cut off all living organisms within a few meters, this is because the name “finger of death”.

Clouds tubular

There is a substantial number of clouds that have a special form and a specific cause. Strange and unusual are for example vymyaobraznye clouds or tubular. They are like pieces of pipe or sometimes balloons floating and have shadows ranging from white to grayish blue depending on the density of the cloud.


Why appear need certain temperatures and under special conditions with strong temperature inversions.


Are more common in the tropics, but also in the northern latitudes. The best time to enjoy them is with the light of dawn or dusk.

White rainbow

Similar to the rainbow that we know this particular phenomenon, produces a wide arc of a bright white color.


Why is visible must be very special conditions: the water droplets making up the mist, they must have a certain size, about 0.02 mm, and being so small cause diffraction of sunlight in one color: white uniform.

Catatumbo lightning

Atmospheric phenomenon exclusive to the area above the mouth of the Catatumbo river at Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. From the skies in this area for almost 200 days a year regularly fall hundreds of lightning in storms that last for about 10 hours.


At this very point colliding air masses hot and humid Caribbean with those cold coming from the Andes, giving rise to an understanding thunderstorm activity. The gases emitted by decomposing microorganisms present on the river mouth, increase the electrical conductivity of the clouds causing lightning.

Being visible from more than 400 km, for a long time this place was used as a reference point for boaters.

Rainbow Moon

It’s much easier to see this phenomenon in a fantasy series than in reality. The lunar rainbow is produced by the reflected light of the full moon and why specific factors need to be visible, the moon must be low in the sky, the sky must be dark and the light placed in front of a waterfall.


Human eye, not being sufficiently bright, the lunar rainbow appears white but in a long-exposure photography we could appreciate the color.


A glory is an optical phenomenon produced by light reflected back to its source by a cloud of water droplets of uniform size. Appears as an enlargement of the shadow of the observer radiated by a rainbow and is reflected on the clouds surrounding the spot where the observer is located.


A glory can be seen in the high altitudes of the mountains as his own shadow reflected or in the air as the shadow of the airplane on the clouds.


Cappuccino on the coast

The sea may form dense foam anywhere in the world, but in the southern hemisphere this phenomenon seems to be more frequent. In a few minutes the foam overwhelms the costs by investing all that is just a few meters from the shore, and then slowly dissolve in the sand.


For the formation of the foam is necessary that at sea there is a large accumulation of algae and waste salt. The compounds, in fact, act as surfactants and, exactly as the compounds of shampoo and detergent, reduce the tension between the water surface and the air forming a dense foam.


Ghosts, elves and blue jets

In addition to the lightning that strikes the Earth there are others that strike in the layers of the stratosphere above the storm clouds. Depending on the shape, color and height in which they occur are called: spectra red, blue jets and elves.


Unlike normal lightning, these are characterized by a red or blue evident and cover a distance of over 100km in length and diameter.



Similar to the tunes of trumpets, the waterspouts develop over bodies of water. The effect that has observing this phenomenon is that the water to be sucked, but in reality it is of small droplets formed by condensation that they move above the water surface.



It seems the title of a novel of action and instead it is a rare atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when a column of warm air meets the flames on the surface by dragging them with him into the air into a vortex of fire.


Morning Glory

The “Morning Glory” are cloud formations roller that can be extended to 1000 km and are formed when waves of air coming from the ocean, moving horizontally, collide with the warm humid air that all ‘dawn gets up from the ground and rises vertically.



Storm volcanic

Volcanic activity provides fertile ground to attend performances of the unique nature. When you hear an incredible amount of volcanic dust and gases creates a stream of charged particles.


This because of the spectacular lightning that can come from the crater and associated electrical activity in the magma or ash cloud due to the friction of volcanic dust.


Left open-mouthed?

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