A Melbourne Aquarium

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A Melbourne Aquarium, come see four amazing worlds to discover a wide range of marine species from around the world. Observe Antarctic penguins found only in Australia, beautiful or strange creatures discover river environments or reefs and enter the world of sharks at the oceanarium which contains 2.2 million liters of water. The Melbourne Aquarium has been awarded for its unique collection of marine species presented in a fun and educational. Discover four amazing worlds populated by animals that reflect the beauty and diversity of the aquatic world. Travel to the northernmost tip of the planet to a rendezvous with the penguins of Antarctica, the only of its kind in Australia. Continue your tour with a show that may surprise you, as it houses some of the most beautiful animals in the world but also strange sea (Weird & Wonderful). Enchanting seahorses, spiky lionfish and many other tropical creatures you will revise your definition of fish. Embark on a voyage between a river and a coral reef encounter animals such as freshwater turtles, frogs, snakes, freshwater sharks and eels. Watch amazing jellyfish and a collection of colorful exotic fish Carol Atoll. Sharks Alive makes you an unforgettable experience at the bottom of the ocean, in its oceanarium with a capacity of 2.2 million liters of water. An observation area designed as a fishbowl of 100 m² gives you the impression of being underwater with sharks impressive, imposing rays, turtles and hundreds of fish swimming above you. In addition, you can watch the fish meal and various presentations during the day, enough to make this visit to the Melbourne Aquarium unforgettable.



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