Alexanderplatz and World Clock

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The name of this square is inspired by Tsar Alexander I who visited the city of Berlin in 1805. Erich Honecker, the former GDR, decided in the early ’70s to turn the square into a symbol of glory and socialist destroyed the original structure, to make it a masterpiece of kitsch Communist insignificant buildings and avenues mediocre among which the huge sphere of the Fernsehturm, the TV Tower. To become familiar with its forms as well call it a friendly Alex, like the Berliners, but be careful to always bring great respect: do you think have been dedicated to celebrate the film and a novel. In the center of the Alexanderplatz is situated the World Clock, a big metal structure that runs continuously and displays the time from all over the world and is one of the main attractions of the square. The structure and design of this watch are very special and it’s nice watch especially at night. It ‘s exciting to contemplate all hours of the world.

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