Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

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Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are by far the most recognized symbol of London. The gigantic structure of the House of Parliament, with its 1200 rooms and 3 km of corridors, hidden as a large underground labyrinth. It is said that George Orwell was inspired by these underground to describe the “Minver,” the Ministry of Truth in London, in his visionary novel “1984”. Big Ben, however, is the watch for excellence, the most accurate in the world actually “Big Ben” is not the name but the clock on the bell tower: the hour hand is great about 3 meters while the of more than 4 minutes. For some reason that escapes us, only the English can visit the tower. You must be content to see Big Ben from afar, and we recommend you do so in the evening when beautifully lit, almost overlooking the River Thames, you’ll understand why certain places are¬†always very exciting.




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