Blue Mosque

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Turkish-Ottoman architectural masterpiece, the Sultan Ahmet Camii, better known as the Blue Mosque, is one of the most beautiful mosques in the East as well as one of the most visited buildings in Istanbul. The mosque was commissioned in the ‘600 by the young Sultan Ahmet I court architect Mehmet Aya, would have to compete with the nearby Aya Sofya, until eguagliarne splendor. With considerable effort, and money, the ambitious imperial project was largely satisfied. The exterior of the building affects the harmony and elegance of its forms. Six imposing minarets highlight its beauty. Brilliant play of the domes, a central dome flanked by four semi-domes around which other smaller semi-domes push the visitor’s eyes to the sky. Grand and impressive interior lined with over twenty thousand tiles of Iznik in which, in the middle of the red, white and black, predominantly green, turquoise, especially the blue. The thin beams of light coming from the windows 260 present in the domes, illuminating the walls of the mosque creates an environment of great charm and sacredness. The atmosphere becomes even more surreal during the month of Ramadan when dozens of lighted lamps lighten up the colored tiles and red carpet of the hall of prayer. Where: Hippodrome When: Every day from 9 am until one hour before sunset. Closed during the hours of prayer (times are posted outside). How: Admission is free. To enter you must remove your shoes and cover shoulders and knees (women must cover their heads).




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