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Brera district of Milan belonging to zone 1.

The Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Gallery are the two highlights of this neighborhood somewhere between bohemian and chic.

With street performers in the narrow streets, the cafes at night, and the inevitable fortune tellers ready to predict the future is a Brera district to visit at least once if you go to Milan.

The area is so called by tracing the name of Via Brera. The name comes from the Brera braida: natural state grounds, kitchen garden. From this word comes Brera also associated namesake library. The artists since the nineteenth century revolved around the Academy of Fine Arts have transformed the area into one of the most characteristic of  Milan.

Once the main access from out of town at the Brera was made by Pusterla Beatrice, who was at the end of Via Brera, virtually via Pontaccio.
The area is ideally bounded by Pontaccio away, away, northern Italy Via dei Giardini, Via Monte di Pietà, Via Ponte Vetero and street market. Anything that falls within this area (excluding roads mentioned above) is part of the Brera district. The most important roads are obviously Via Brera (with its Pinacoteca di Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the National Library Braidense, in addition to the Gallery of Modern Art The Castle), Via Fiori Chiari, Via Fiori Dark, via San Carpoforo via Madonna, via del Carmine, and so forth Ciovasso Ciovassino.








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