Casa Loma

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Inaugurated in 1911, Casa Loma was the residence of the millionaire financier Sir Henry Pellatt. This refined residence, located in the suburb of Forest Hill, was designed on the model of a European castle and has 98 rooms, two towers and corridors mysterious.

Casa Loma was built by architect EJ Lennox in Gothic Renaissance in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is now a museum and park to visit. To build it took three years and $ 3.5 million spent by its owner Sir Henry Pellatt, who then filled Casa Loma with artwork from Canada and the world. Casa Loma stood as a monument to the ITS creator – it surpassed any private home in North America. With diffensive walls and secret passages, simulated the old castles of the knights of a time gone by.

The tour of the castle is independent. Visitors can enjoy the experience of the tour by special multimedia guides or brochures. Included in the tour there is also a 22-minute documentary on Sir Henry Pellatt and Casa Loma.

The beautiful gardens of Casa Loma Summer are open from March to October (depending on weather) where visitors have the opportunity to walk on 2 acres of formal and informal gardens full of colors and different scents.

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