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Cheeserolling Festival

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The Cheeserolling is a sports competition based on race.

The peculiarity of the race is that participants will have to face in a strong run along steep slopes, chasing a wheel of cheese rolling.

The purpose of the competition is to be able to grasp the shape that rolls down the slope and get to the first than the other participants. Naturally grasp the form of cheese is not easy and common, since the cheese can even reach a speed of about 110 km / h.

This sport you can fit in a category of extreme sports, as it is quite dangerous. Usually it is mandatory for participation in the race helmet use.

Where in the world:
The most famous race is held annually at the Cooper Hill, near Brockworth and Cheltenham, England.
Even in Italy, every year, on the plateau of Brentwood, near Rovereto, Trentino, held a similar race.

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