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In 1955, a few months before the official opening of Disneyland, debuted on TV with the same name as a weekly event, presented by Walt Disney himself, which were presented cartoons with his characters as protagonists.   Just as it was then divided the park, also presented the program of the thematic areas: Adverntureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.   The most important building of the park, the central and inevitable in any other Disney park from then on, it was the Sleeping Beauty Castle, designed for the feature film of the same name which, at the same time the design and construction of the park, was working the Study .   Other then in those years the habit of using Tinker Bell (Tinker Bell or Tinkerbell in Italy) to welcome visitors to the park.   In addition, the publisher of the time, the Western, decided to take advantage of the event and asked its cartoonist to create stories set in the Disneyland: generally these adventures were one of the rare occasions in which the characters of Mickey Mouse and Duckburg met each other but also with characters normally used for short and feature films. Were trying these adjustments artists like Milt Banta and Neil Boyle, Roy De Leonardi, Carl Barks, Tony Strobl, Paul Murry and often appeared characters like Dumbo, Pinocchio, Captain Hook alongside the usual Mickey, Donald, Goofy.   The custom was then repeated with the opening of the parks next Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, Disneyland Resort Paris, a few kilometers from Paris, France, Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan.

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