Dubai Marina

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The Dubai Marina is impressive: Up to five years ago there was nothing, just desert, now appeared from nowhere dozens of skyscrapers with futuristic design, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, a Caribbean beach infinite transformation that is to witness the incredible miracle of Dubai. Dubai Marina extends just beyond the famous Palm Jumeirah and can be divided into two different zones: The lively seafront promenade, called The Walk, with huge maciapiedi pedestrian and a host of restaurants and bars. Behind, the real Navy, with tall skyscrapers that are reflected in the waters of the harbor. Here now home to over 100,000 people. The beach overlooking the Dubai Marina is amazing: An endless strip of white sand, lapped by a turquoise sea, with the beautiful skyline of glittering skyscrapers, such as the Al Seef Tower and glitzy resorts such as the Hilton, the Sheraton and the Oasis Beach Tower.




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