Ellis Island Immigration Museum

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Right in front of Manhattan, in the beautiful natural bay in which the port is situated in New York, just a few minutes by boat from the main island which is the heart of the Big Apple, there’s Ellis Island, a small island, the first stop for over fifteen million immigrants who fled from their native lands, hoping to settle in the United States.
Ellis Island (originally called Gibbet Island by the British who used to confine the pirates caught “red-handed” and then used as a system of fortifications and munitions depot) is one of the forty islands in the waters of New York became famous since 1894 as a switching station for immigrants; was in fact used to this new feature when the federal government took control of the migration flow, which was necessary for the massive influx of immigrants coming mainly from southern and eastern Europe.

The “house of first asylum-prison” remained active until 1954, when it was closed and abandoned to the elements. Over one hundred million Americans can trace their origin to the United States to a man, a woman or a child who passed through the great hall at Ellis Island Record. Today it is transformed into a Museum of Immigration: I have visited and I put aside web surfers.

Until 1850 there were no official procedures for immigration to New York. On this date, the surge in the number of European immigrants fleeing the great famine of 1846 and the failed revolutions of 1848 prompted the authorities to open an immigration center at Castle Clinton in Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan Island. By 1880 the hardships that we suffered in Eastern and Southern Africa and the strong economic depression in southern Italy forced thousands of people to flee the Old Continent. At the same time in America was taking away the industrial revolution, with a growing process of urbanization.

Ellis Island was opened in 1894, when America went through a period of economic depression and began to establish itself as a world power. Throughout Europe they spread rumors about the opportunities offered by the New World and thousands of people decided to leave their homeland.

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