Eureka Tower and State Library of Victoria

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Reaching almost 300 meters, when the Eureka Tower was erected in 2006 it was then the tallest residential tower in the world. She has since passed to the fourth place, after its competitors located in Dubai and on the Gold Coast in Queensland. She is, however, the status of the largest skyscrapers in Melbourne and has 91 floors. 88th floor at the Sky Deck, welcomes you to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. If you do not have vertigo, you can move into the section called The Edge, an ice cube an advanced suspended 3 meters to 300 meters. When you enter the cube, ground ice is opaque. It extends outward from the tower to its final position where the soil becomes completely translucent! The tower was designed with abundant environmental and energy-saving features. State Library of Victoria The State Library of Victoria is a landmark building with its grand glass roof, vast reference collections of the literature and information about the people and culture of this state.The building itself is an excellent example of a Victorian mid 19th century public building – there are library tours available. Designed by architect Joseph Reed in 1854, it was actually his first public building. Others include the Melbourne Town Hall.Find and access ebooks, newspapers, magazines, photos, maps, videos, music, journals, oral history, manuscripts, Victoria state and local government publications and much more. There are displays of historical artefacts including Ned Kelly and books on display from the middle ages, as well as interesting paintings of early Melbourne and Victoria.



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