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A visit to a favela, the so-called favela tour, it’s a very interesting experience that we recommend to achieve during your stay in Rio. Of course, to visit the favelas of Rio, it is necessary to take all precautions and, in the absence of a person in a position to accopagnarvi, it is most advisable to contact one of the agencies that specialize in social tourism operating in the city. In some favelas of Rio are active programs of community tourism, allowing visitors to get closer to the reality of the people and to inspect the social projects in progress. A very interesting visit to a favela in Rio de Janeiro and learn about the life of its inhabitants is the one proposed by Projeto Morrinho. As part of its activities, the Projeto Morrinho realizes guided tours of the favela of Vila Pereira da Silva and know the work of young artists in the project. Learn more and make a reservation, visit the official website of the project In many communities there are cultural programs, educational and artistic phenomena very innovative. Before planning a visit it is important to learn about the situation relating to possible security problems, since it is well to remember, many favelas are the stage of the continuing clash between police and groups of traffickers.

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