Felucca ride

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A felucca ride in Luxor is a must, especially for those who did not come with a cruise on the Nile.

The felucca is traditional Nile sailing boats; today you will see a lot, you are in Luxor, Cairo and Aswan. They were used to navigate the Nile since ancient times, when the pharaohs ruled on this stretch of paradise that is part of the modern Egypt.

Surf along the peaceful waters of the majestic Nile River passing in front of the imposing temple of Luxor on the east bank and the hills rose on the western shore is an unforgettable, exciting and relaxing at the same time. To take a felucca ride head to the “corniche”, in front of Winter Palace.

We advise you to negotiate duration, itinerary and price of the tour with the “commander” of the felucca before boarding. One of the most popular rides felucca Luxor is an excursion to the Island of bananas. The felucca sail north to an island covered with banana plantations; the boatman island dock and take you on a brief tour of the island exploration during which you will be offered a traditional Egyptian tea and some banana sweetest and best you’ve ever tasted.




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