Galata Tower

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A large tower with a distinctive conical roof is located in the district of Galata, and dominates with its 67 meters high the profile of Istanbul. It was 1348 when the Genoese, who had founded a colony in that area, the cylindrical tower built for defensive purposes which they called “Tower of Christ”. Originally the tower had to be precise, a spire of which rose a cross. After the Ottoman conquest, the structure and suitably modified at the top, was first used as a prison, then as an observatory and finally as a fire lookout tower, a position he has held until 1970. Despite earthquakes and the demolition of the fortifications surrounding the Genoese citadel, the tower has never collapsed. Worse fate befell lead roof and wood repeatedly and severely damaged by fire and, therefore replaced with a stone. With the advent of the Republic, the tower carefully restored, was opened to the public. A lift on the penultimate floor where there is a café-restaurant and a nightclub. From here a staircase leads to the roof terrace that offers, especially at sunset, spectacular views of the city, the Golden Horn and the Sea of ​​Marmara. When: Every day from 9:00 to 17 (19 in summer). How: ticket 11 YTL Where: Beyoglu.




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