Gold souk

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The souks of Dubai are famous all over the world. Do not miss, in particular, the Dubai Gold Souk and the old Covered Souk, in addition to the souk electronics, fish, meat, vegetables, perfumes and spices. All are located in the bustling district of Deira. The souks are more intricate as in the past, but these traditional markets still offer the opportunity to do business and negotiate in friendship and cordiality. The Textile Souk, located in Bur Dubai, is a five-minute trip by abra, and is the perfect culmination of a visit to the souks. With the exception of the fish market, the best time to visit the souks is between the late afternoon and evening, when the atmosphere is more lively. Gold Souk – Dubai is synonymous with gold souk and in fact this is the reason why many people visit Dubai. Wonders incredible in every shop window. Fish Souk – a huge variety of fish, including species that you’ve probably never seen before. The cleaning of the fish and the trading processes for purchase are as fascinating as refined. The Fish Souk is open from 5:30 to 11:00, while the nearby vegetable market opens slightly later. Spice Souk – a celebration of the senses and bags full of every spice imaginable under the sun that penetrates into the streets. Textile Souk (in Bur Dubai) – a triumph of fabrics, mesh and embroidery all over the world in the colors of the rainbow.



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