Gondola ride

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If you are on holiday in Venice can not miss a gondola ride. So why not choose who organizes training unique and original among the magic Channels? Formerly a gondolier working for his master. And like all servants was the keeper of many secrets of the city, he knew all the legends, or stories or gossip that is unraveled throughout the canals of Venice, knew the routes off the beaten path, the most popular and by whom knew exactly where he abode anyone, what combined fishy. Once the gondolas were also used for to go off with his mistress (then were covered, the center of the gondola was the felze, sort of house that hid from prying eyes) then imagine the secret which was voted who was driving the gondola. In addition to all the buildings gave Venice canals and only those who sailed in gondola could go and occasionally you hear or see what was going on inside. The age-old tradition of the gondoliers is still alive today: Gondoliers of Ferry Railroad, and Venice have thought of a series of very beautiful and original itineraries that offer the opportunity to learn the most mysterious Venice. Along the way, who leads the gondola will tell the incredible stories that rigurdano this or that building, the family who lived there or who live there now, etc … All these routes can be booked online. So you can study individual routes and decide for yourself what is best for a trip with his girlfriend, on a tour with your family, friends and so on. Rates: Day 40 minutes: € 80 (for each additional 20 minutes: € 20) Night 40 minutes: € 100 (for each additional 20 minutes: € 50).

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