Jogyesa Temple

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Jogyesa is a Buddhist temple in central Seoul. It is a haven of peace. And she really is … is next to tea houses, skyscrapers, fast food outlets and the indomitable Han River centennial rites and parsimonious in these areas are the counterpoint to the bustle of a busy capital city in shaping their modern identity. To a Westerner, not used to these rites, the truth is that impresses, although the temple itself is not great. At the entrance of the temple, the first thing that stands out is the presence of several acacias with, they say, more than 500 years. And they are still useful: shading follow! The temple is the center of Daeungjeon building, which houses the statue of Seokgamoni. Apparently, the friend spread the truth, according to Buddhist culture, and that is why he has earned the central site in the temple. And the truth-with-tiny is that the statue is very, very cool. In the center of the building, with a height more than considerable and brilliant, your eyes can not help but look at her again and again. Do not say anything if you bring a camera: I bet, once back at the hotel, you will have dozens and dozens of images Seokgamoni colleague. Not one. But seriously. The entire atmosphere in the temple is of genuine respect. I would not want the many or few tourists who visit … vandalize that calm. It’s very inspiring to see how monks and devotees in prayers mingle during their acts of faith. They offer flowers, but also food, while talking in whispers. Very softly, very softly. As to not disturb, that style so typical in Korea. The hum of traffic outside, characteristic of Seoul, will gradually silencing. And you concentrate on your photos, you begin to understand and enjoy. That said, a haven of peace in the capital. How to get there? • Jonggak Station (Metro Line 1), Exit 2. • Anguk Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 6. • Gwanghwamun Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 2.




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