La Defense

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La Defense is a modern district of Paris, originally planned as the commercial district and later became the symbol of modern architecture. The project was conceived in the 50s returning to the American model of Manhattan and Chicago. The construction of La Défense ended in the 60s but did not get a big hit from commercial enterprises that snubbed the emerging business district. The futuristic character of the neighborhood had become the Defense a true monument to architecture in the 80s. The most representative symbol of the project is undoubtedly the “Grande Arche” (great bow) is visible from different areas of the city, is the third arch axis from the Arc du Carrousel. The “cube” is so great that it can contain Notre-Dame.
The district of La Défense is connected by a modern network of roads, underground infrastructure and the rest of the city. One of the first companies to move into the mall site was Quatre-Tempos, followed by other commercial companies in the ’80s and ’90s. The buildings and structures are strictly made ​​of concrete, glass and steel. The squares are very large and ornate fountains and water features.




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