La Rambla

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La Rambla of Barcelona is the long drive from Plaza de Catalunya leads to the foot of the statue of Columbus, a few meters from the sea. Here are crowded day and night and Barcelona’s tourists, street performers in search of fortune and thieves in search of victims. You can start your visit to La Rambla from the sea, passing under the Mirador of Colombo, or from Placa de Catalunya. In both cases, do not forget to take a drink of water at the Fountain of Canaletes (it is said that as the Trevi Fountain in Rome, make a return to Barcelona) and to stick in that riot of colors and smells that is the Rambla de les Flores, the kingdom of florists in Barcelona. Not a short distance you may find yourself in half a heated discussion between supporters of Barcelona, ​​who gather here to celebrate the victories and the defeats comment. There is much to see and do on the Rambla.

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