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Malibu is a city located in western Los Angeles County, California.  The city of Malibu stretches for about 27 miles along the Pacific coast, it is famous for its sultry beaches and also because it is home to many movie stars and show business in general. The city is crossed by the Pacific Coast Highway and confined to the east of Topanga and Pacific Palisades, to the north by the Santa Monica Mountains to the south by the Pacific Ocean and to the north-west of Ventura County. The beaches include Malibu State Beach and Topanga State Beach. The parks, however, extend from Malibu Creek State Park to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city covers a total area of ​​261.5 km ². Malibu, then, is one of the largest city in California and the United States in terms of land and water. The land covers 51.5 km ², while the waters cover an area of ​​210.0 km ² (the city limits include three miles in the ocean). The total area is occupied by 80 .32% water. Malibu has a density of 632.9 people per square miles.  Monica and the public park offers a view of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the island of Santa Catalina.  In Malibu, one of the favorite beaches for surfers is Surfrider Beach. To the north, Zuma is the largest and most sandy beaches of Los Angeles County, with strong waves and decades muscled bodies. Manhattan Beach, south, summer is full of swimmers, volleyball players and typical American, is probably the best realization of the ‘California Dream’ that you will see.  The beaches of Malibu are the archetypal Californian beaches, and they are also the best places to swim and sunbathe. Located west of the city, have a backdrop of jagged mountains of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. It can be quite difficult to find a piece of sand on which to recline, since most of the shoreline is privately owned, but there are some very beautiful public beaches.

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