Marina Bay Sands Resort

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The expensiest hotel in Singapore and in the world is very popular for its “high” facility – the infinity swimming pool which is situated above the 55 stories the resort has. The roof-top-pool is a great attraction itself because hotel guests can admire the breath-taking view this place grants – all skyscrapers, entire Singapore. Imagine seeing this at night – incredible feelings! Visitors must be very courageous to swim right near the edge in order to take photos or simply admire the view. Marinan Bay Sands hotel is famous now especially because of this pool. Divers should not be worried, however, about swimming here because the infinity pool is absolutely safe. The swimming pool is four times larger than an Olympic one, it has 150 m and you have to pay about $15 for a dip. Recently, an entrance fee for visitors was introduced – in exchange for $20 you can also see the Marina Bay Sands pool, in addition to the hotel tour.




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