Melbourne Museums

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Melbourne Museum, very interactive and fun, discusses several topics. Part of the museum traces the history of Melbourne, with films from the beginning of the century, models and reproduction in large Australian coat of arms (photo).A small exhibition devoted to the human body reminds us that even as an adult, it is still also fascinated by the lights that light up buttons when pressed. Portion of Natural History shows us live insects (spiders and ants of all kinds), stuffed animals Federation Square is very nice for its architecture and atmosphere that prevails there. This is especially in bars and restaurants lining the square we can taste the best sticky puddings dates throughout Australia (and especially the one in front of the station). For a night out, have a drink in a pub Australian prefer neighborhoods south of Melbourne, on the side of South Yarra and St Kilda, near the coast and harbor. To stroll, the Royal Botanic Gardens are really great. For shopping, the Queen Victoria Market worth visiting: big market similar to those found in France, with almost the same atmosphere and the same vendors shouting the same phrases automatic, but in English. Nice atmosphere and fresh produce. You do not have to spend a lot of money on fashionable clothes or artistic items. If you are looking for discounted clothes and accessories, you can look for shopping tours that will lead you to Melbourne’s factory outlets. You can also drop by the city’s direct warehouses, where you can get amazing discounts on any label or brand you wish to purchase.



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