Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manila exhibits the classical and the contemporary fine arts. The Museum was established in 1976 to showcase foreign art and in 1986 the exhibitions also included Philippine art with a bilingual approach. Every year at the Manila Metropolitan Museum of Art there are four major exhibitions by renowned Filipino and other foreign artists. The Metropolitan Museum of Art of Manila has four main exhibit areas. The Tall Galleries, the Upper Level Gallery, the Catwalk Gallery and also spaces that displays long term exhibits. The basement gallery showcases gold and pottery collections. The Windows into Heaven Exhibit showcases Russian icons. In the basement of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of Manila one would find displays of pre- Columbian pottery and pre- Hispanic gold jewelry. The Manila’s Metropolitan Museum of Art promotes contemporary art and that includes shows of design, architecture, city planning, sports and others. The museum wants to relate the art with the day today life and help make life better and the world in totality. The museum also boasts of the Community Development and the Exchange Program that is conducted through a network of community partners. Till now the Metropolitan Museum has showcased the works by Picasso, Klee, and Walter Gropius and from many others. Selected foreign shows are complemented with Philippine art of the same period, theme and style. The facilities in the Metropolitan Museum include the Metshop that is a leading Philippine retail brand that offers curios, t-shirts, gift items. There is also an auditorium and a library.



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