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Monkey buffet

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In Thailand the city of macaques. On November 24, there is a rich buffet for them. Housed in the courtyard of an ancient Khmer temple.

Lopburi, Thailand, is the city of the apes. They are everywhere: on the street, on light poles and traffic lights on, come on the balconies of the houses through the streets, hovering over the roofs of the houses and take the parked cars. There are so many that they have become the major tourist attractions in Lopburi, in spite of this town, 250 km from the capital Bangkok, there are beautiful Khmer ruins.

MONKEYS EVERYWHERE. The monkeys of Lopburi beginning are without a doubt entertaining: it’s not every day you see the monkeys wandering around the city. With time, however, they can become annoying, even if the locals now, he sends forth only when it is clear that the macaques are preparing to steal something. That’s the problem with the monkeys roam always looking for food, but are ready to stretch their legs on anything. A good part of their lives in the Phra Prang Sam Yot, a Khmer-style Hindu temple, witness Indian influence in the ancient Siam. The name of this sacred place means “The Shrine of the Three Peaks” and in fact consists of three towers of brick, stone and brick prang calls, connected by corridors: the number is not random and symbolizes the deity of the sacred Trimurti, or the gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Among the sculptures remained intact even today is that of a hermit with his hands on his knees, and among the decorations there are also in a style that is not Khmer. But more tourists come to see the monkeys.

THAT’S FEAST! These monkeys have become so much a part of the city for some twenty years, in the month of November, in the courtyard of the temple is arranged for them a huge feast. The event is scheduled to last Sunday of the month: for 2013 will be held on the day then 24 the inhabitants of Lopburi arrive at Phra Prang Sam Yot carrying around. Peanuts and bananas, as well as pumpkins, pineapples, melons and cucumbers, but also cabbage, boiled eggs and delicious crabs. Each year the monkeys eat about two tons of food, a good sign for the people of Lopburi, who believe this will bring good luck. The banquet does not have religious origins: it is simply a thank you born in recent times that people do macaques, which in turn attract tourists.

ALWAYS BETTER BE CAREFUL. Being surrounded by monkeys at the beginning can be fun, but you should always be careful. Because, even though most of the tourists ride for the sudden onslaught of these primates, do not forget that it is still wild animals. With a dangerous inclination to theft: the first rule to follow is to be careful and avoid the monkeys show anything that might look like food. Why might try to take it away. For this, the better to secure sunglasses, jewelry, cameras, wallets, phones, and hold onto the bags. Better not pull out of the food, unless it is done to give the monkeys: the first would eat it and it would attract them, in one way or another. And those who love to see the macaques but not wearing them, has only one choice: stand up, moving constantly. Sitting on the steps of the temple is tantamount to an “assault” on the part of the monkeys.

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