Palm Spring

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The city of Palm Springs in California is located just 180 km from Los Angeles and can be reached by the CA 111 or U.S. 10. Palm Springs became one of the most famous places of the holidays of the American West since the twenties, when many Hollywood stars began to travel to this place to spend their holidays or even just the pleasant weekend.   The reason is more than one: on the one hand the fantastic climate, where in winter the temperature remains hot during the day (between 25 and 30 ° C) and cool at night (but never below 10 ° C) and in summer the heat is dry and bearable, and secondly the numerous mineral springs, which allow the city (which is in the middle of the desert) to appear almost like a mirage, like an oasis, with its palm trees, its gardens and its huge swimming pools. The two things that characterize Palm Springs are the golf courses and swimming pools with solarium. Indeed, in addition to relaxation and fun, here there is very little else to do. People come just for rest, to take a little ‘tan, women lie with disabilities, people for a game of golf.

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