Quiapo Church in Manila

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This church located in the heart of Manila in the district of Quiapo is one of the largest on the island and some of the capital. Old and modern at the same time, it is undoubtedly the symbol of the city of Manila, defeat and rebuilt with heart. Surprisingly she was cathedral like setting ash because of its building materials, bamboo and nipa. Its history can be divided into two phases, one before consecration and especially the last reconstruction and finally modern times.Built in 1586 for the Franciscan community, the church of Quiapo was built with local materials that caused his loss in 1639 when a fire destroyed the church and reduced to ashes. It was then rebuilt to help the mission of the Franciscan missionaries and tin good until 1863 when a terrible earthquake was right in the house of god, partially destroying. It was not until 1899 when the church was rebuilt entirely. But misfortune continued to fall on it and once again, it took the fire by returning to the state of ashes in 1928. Finally Quiapo Church revived in 1984 and is still standing today.



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