Rembrandt Square

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This central square of Amsterdam, known as Rembrandt, is one of the busiest places in the city. Always lively, full of people, shops for shopping, dining and entertainment for visitors and locals alike. Originally the square was known as Botermarkt (butter market) and was already present in 1668, built from the ruins of the old city harbor. As the name suggests, the first use of the square was to serve as the dairy market. Occasionally, the locals could also use the space for other entertainment events. The area remained more or less the other two more centuries, until in the twentieth, were built hotels and restaurants and the square was named after the famous Dutch painter. Since then it became a very popular place among young people and tourists. Surrounding the square are some interesting buildings, including the Grand Café Opera (Art Nouveau and Art Deco), Café Schiller and the Royal Café de Kroon, one of the oldest in the city.

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