Rizal Park

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Rizal Park (or most commonly known to the locals as “Luneta Park”) is the most famous tourist spot in the Philippines. It is dedicated to the country’s National Hero, Jose Rizal. This is place where the country’s hero was executed by firing squad. This widely known park has Japanese and Chinese garden for the people who enjoys a private and quite stroll. It also contains the Manila Planetarium for the star gazers. For those searching a lively entertainment, they can go to the Quirino Grandstand where a lot of entertainment events are held. If you get lost, Rizal Park has a giant map of the Philippines to help you find your way. The park is now called Rizal National Park in honor of the Philippine national hero, José Protacio Rizal Dr. executed in 1896.From dawn, on lawns, Chinese engage in relaxation or tai chi chuan. Less traditional jogging and aerobics classes are offered to those who are not afraid efforts morning. Rizal Park is the preferred location of fanatics of all kinds: preachers, talkers and chess players. They are located near Central Park Lagoon and give its special atmosphere. This park is also a popular cultural venue. Historical celebrations take place regularly and concerts. We can go around the park on foot from the metro station and in the direction of clockwise. A tour of Manila is not complete without a visit to Rizal Park. Named after the country’s national hero Jose Rizal.



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