Seaplane base in Milan (Idroscalo)

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The Milan is a popular seaplane base for seaplanes built at the end of the twenties, located in the neighborhood of Milan-Linate. With the decline of the seaplane as a means of transport, the large water basin is today a center of recreation and sports, use the latter that has accompanied the seaplane base throughout its history, so that the first rowing races were held as early as 1934. It has an area of 1.6 km2.
The idea to give the city of Milan a seaplane base dates back to 1926, when part of a project to expand the airfield was assessed Taliedo the opportunity to support you one stop for seaplanes, in parallel with work on a planned waterway Milan -p, work, the latter, which never saw the light (the channel actually came, and still comes, only to Pizzighettone, in the province of Cremona). All activities were placed in liquidation by the Lombardy Region in September 2000.
Although not either included in the municipality of Milan, a water airport is, in effect, an important component of the park system in Milan. After being sponsored by a very famous sports company that outfitted with benches, picnic areas and sports areas of all kinds (in addition to those already in existence), it is now owned by the Province of Milan, which has further improved the park by providing it a security service and organizing shows of any kind (most of them free) to entertain and to its citizens discover this place is now called “the sea of Milan.” The sports offered are nell’idroscalo skiing with cable skiing, canoeing (kayaking, Canadian canoeing, canoe polo), rowing, sailing (with main use of the optimist), the fin swimming (currently the winning team in the league national has its headquarters seaplane). The most important sports societies of the park are Idroscalo Club (union of GMC and CKC), the Italian Naval League and SCLC. At the seaplane base, the municipality of Milan and now Live organizes numerous events, festivals and concerts. The most important festivals are held seaplane Gods of Metal, the Evolution Festival, Rock In Idro Festival and the Aquabike I Love Music Festival.

The reservoir is 2,600 meters long, wide between 250 and 400 meters deep and between 3 and 5 meters.









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