Sempione Park

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Sempione Park is a green area of the city of Milan. Built in the late nineteenth century the area already occupied by the parade ground, occupies an area of 386 000 m², fully fenced with video surveillance.
The name comes from Corso Sempione, the monumental axis road built during the Napoleonic era on the route of the historic route of Seprio, the new heir to the Sempione door door Jupiter.
The Sempione Park stands where once stood the Visconti ducal park called “Barcho” is located near the Sforzesco Castle, it was enlarged and enclosed Sforza to become wider than 3 million square meters. The park was a forest composed mainly of oaks and chestnuts, and also inhabited by exotic animals introduced by humans.
With the fall of the Sforza and the Spanish domination, the park was abandoned and in 1861 was partly used for agriculture, the area where now stands the Parco Sempione instead was used as a parade ground for the military stationed near the Sforzesco Castle . The castle was used as a barracks, resulting in deterioration of the structures.
The park, known as the “Parco Sempione”, was built between 1888 and 1894 according to plans by the architect Emilio Alemagna, which included roads passable by carriage, a pond and a gazebo where now stands the Library of Parco Sempione, green was designed along the lines of the romantic English gardens.









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