Shibuya Cross

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The Shibuya Crossing or Shibuya crossing is one of those must see places, to live to tell the tale, to sense when the crowds roar from within. The first impression is disconcerting. Neon lights struggling to get your attention. Futuristic skyscrapers and a human wave that moves like headless chickens. I guess you know that Shibuya crossing in Tokyo is the world’s busiest. There are several crosswalks that mark the route. When the pedestrian light is red, the preparations begin. It gives you time to see you on the other side is organized a kind of popular marathon output. The green light is the kick-off, and the street is the goal. “You pulled forward.” And I did, so I crossed the famous Shibuya crossing from Hachiko to Starbucks. Once there we got on the first floor of Starbucks to see the show. Worth recreating.

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