St. Isaac s Cathedral

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Imposing, magnificent, monumental. Such is the present church of St. Isaac, the fourth, built of the French architect Montferrand at the behest of Tsar Alexander and further enlarged under Nicholas I, I between 1818 and 1858. But the history of the cathedral dates back to 1710 when Peter the Great, who was born on the day named Isaac (May 30), he built a wooden church in honor of the Byzantine Monaco. The cathedral is a gigantic measuring 111.2 meters long and 97.6 wide. 112 monolithic columns of red granite, weighing about 100 tons. each hold the 4 porches, 350 statues inhabit the roof, 100 kg of gold foil lining the sparkling dome with 21, 8 m. height is the pride of the city. The interior of sumptuous gold and marble (there are 14 types), bronze, malachite and lapis lazuli, occupies an area of ​​4,000 square meters and can accommodate 14,000 people. The fresco in the central vault depicting the Virgin among angels and saints, the work of painters Brjullov and Bruni, has a size of 816 square meters. Extraordinary iconostasis covered with mosaics. The Church, which is still classified as a museum, is one of the most visited attractions of the city. Climbing the 262 steps of the colonnade you can admire a beautiful view of St. Petersburg from 43 m. of height. How to: Sadovaya metro station When: Thursday to Tuesday from 11 to 18 How: Church: 320 RUB; colonnade: 160 RUB.

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