Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Sha Tin)

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Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery was founded by Reverend Yuet Kai in 1949, with construction completion in 1957. This Buddhist temple located on the mountain behind Pai Tau Village in Sha Tin. The monastery is divided into upper and lower portions, occupying over eight hectares. It consists of five temples, four pavilions, one pagoda and one veranda. The main building of the monastery is the Ten Thousand Buddha temple, where over 12,800 pieces of exquisite Buddha statues each with a different posture were placed on the wall. Moreover, the immortal body of Reverend Yuet Kai is situated in the central portion of the hall to allow people to worship. At the opposite side of the main temple is the 9-storey Pagoda, which was selected as the symbol of Hong Kong printed on the HK$100 note. Between the temple and pagoda is the Vitasoda – Kwun Yam Pavilion, and the 18 Arhans are situated at both sides of veranda. Besides, the Manjusri and Samantabhadra Pavilions can been seen near the veranda. All above facilities were built at the lower portion. At the upper portion there are the Temple of The God of Heaven, the Candi Buddha Temple, the Kwun Yam Temple and the Temple of the Nei Tor (Amita) Buddha. Each temple all placed different statues of Buddha for people to worship. Opening Hours: Daily 9am to 6pm Getting There: Take the MTR to Shatin Station, and there will be directional signs pointing to the monastery. Location Address: Shatin, Hong Kong.



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