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MicroTravelling.com is an amateur site and has no commercial purpose and profit. As a rule, all the material contained therein has been published trying to get permission to reproduce by their respective authors. It is not our intention violate the Copyright of any person. If, therefore, distinguish a site content that violates a Copyright just report it and the content will be removed immediately. The portal contains links (“links”) to websites operated by parties other than MicroTravelling.com, so that you do not recognize responsible for the contents or links contained on these web locations not dependent on it.

MicroTravelling.com lives with the help of friends-supporters who send us material of various kinds of which is not always known the source. We apologize if by mistake any parts are missing references. We will be happy to include them if there were to be reported.

MicroTravelling.com does not sell anything, merely to advise and link to external sites. MicroTravelling.com is not responsible for any item or service purchased on the recommended websites. For any appeal or question, please contact directly to the site where you made the purchase.

The Service allows you to search for products and services available through the journey (as, for example, airline tickets, car rental, hotel reservations), offered by third parties (“Providers”), according to the criteria of research defined by the user.

From the above search criteria, MicroTravelling.com the User sends the request to various lenders, which may offer products and services corresponding to the request, then viewing as a result of the search, a list of products and services found by MicroTravelling.com, which are the most relevant as possible.

Each result proposed by MicroTravelling.com is accompanied by a deep hypertext link pointing towards the web site of the provider. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to its website, where you can directly book the product and / or service you have chosen.



The Users agree to use the Service only for purposes of the private and non-profit purposes, without hindering (or groped to) the operation and in accordance with these Conditions. And ‘forbidden for illegal usage of the Service, especially with regard to the fraudulent or speculative reservation, as well as groped to access the Service by any other means or in conducting research in order to copy its contents.

It ‘also forbidden to reproduce, to copy, sell, resell or exploit for commercial purposes any element of the Service, your use and access rights to the Service.



MicroTravelling.com reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue temporarily or permanently all or part of the Service at any time and without informing you in advance. MicroTravelling.com cannot be held liable to the Users or third parties, for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.



In case you are using material from MicroTravelling.com on your website, we kindly ask you in exchange for placing a link to this page MicroTravelling.com as.

In case you want to use the material from MicroTravelling.com also of other means, it is sufficient that it citiate the source.

The images and multimedia material on this site is partly achieved by MicroTravelling.com and the property of their respective authors.

MicroTravelling.com assumes no responsibility for improper use of the material used.


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Layout and graphics by MicroTravelling.com.

And ‘forbidden the total or partial reproduction of graphics and layout of the site.


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Any links to MicroTravelling.com must be done outside of any “frame” of your site.

E ‘permitted only link to html pages, is absolutely not allowed any kind of deep-linking to the photographic content and multimedia. Violators will be prosecuted under the law and will be held responsible for any damage caused by the load of excess traffic on our server.

It ‘absolutely forbidden to link directly to the images on our domain and put in the movie. Swf file or. Wmv. Violators will be prosecuted under the law and will be held responsible for damage caused by excessive traffic load on our server

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