The Bolshoi Theatre

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Historic location of one of the oldest ballet companies in the world, and perhaps the most famous, the Bolshoy Theatre is one of the great things to do in Moscow. The first Bolshoi Theatre, whose name literally means “Grand Theatre”, opened in 1780, but in the coming centuries have been substantial changes made to the building, which dominates Teatral’naja Ploshchad with its portico of eight columns. The fame of the Bolshoy Theatre is second only to its vicissitudes, not least the risk of collapse due to Neglina, the underground river that flows beneath, and that led to the creation of immense restoration completed in 2011. Among the curiosities about the theater include the choice of depicting him on the banknotes of 100 rubles. The first show held at the Bolshoy Theatre, then called Petrovka Theatre, is dated 1780, when they were held masquerades, comedies and comic operas. A fire sent him almost completely in smoke in 1805, while in 1825 ended Reconstruction orchestrated by architects Osip Bove and Andrei Mikhailov. Until 1840, in the theater were staged exclusively Russian works, but in 1853 a new fire compromised the most of the structure, designed by Albert Kavos a third time in 1856. Today, after more than 5 years of restoration, the Bolshoi Theatre is back to its former glory precomunista and houses a rich calendar of events of various kinds.

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