The complex of Topkapi

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The Topkapi Palace is the most beautiful building in Turkey, a symbol of power and magnificence of the Ottoman Empire. In this wonderful place where you can see the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara, for four centuries have lived and ruled the Ottoman sultans. Was Muhammad the Conqueror in 1466 to order the construction of the building that has developed over time through amendments and additions made by each sultan. After the abolition of the monarchy Ottoman Topkapi Saray has been converted into a museum (1924). Topkapi Palace is a magnificent estate with a maze of buildings clustered around four large courtyards protected monumental gates surrounded by about 1400 m. walls that separate it from the rest of the city. Through the door of Middle meets the first court (Court of Alabardieri) and you enter the second court, once the center of the public life of the building. Here are the kitchen and the beautiful hall of the Imperial Council is still visible where the long sofa on which sat the vizier to discuss matters of state. The court also gives access to the vast Treasure Room with an incredible collection of imperial jewels and Harem, a collection of luxury apartments (about 300) exclusively reserved for the reigning sultan, wives, children, mother and concubines of the same. In the third courtyard, you come past the Gate of Felicity, are the Audience Hall, used to receive foreign ambassadors, the Library of Ahmet III, the School of the palace and the Pavilion of the Holy Mantle containing the mantle and various relics of the Prophet Muhammad. Complete visit the fourth courtyard, lush private garden of the sultan, where between roses and tulips stand some kiosks built to celebrate the victories of the Empire and to enjoy the beautiful view of the city. Where: Sultanahmet, the old city. When: Every day except Tuesday from 9 to 17. In summer the closure is usually extended by two hours. How to: entrance building: adults 25 TRY; harem entry: adults 15 TRY.




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