The Fashion District

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The Fashion district is a district of Zone 1 in Milan where some of jewelers, boutiques, and designer showrooms and furniture. So named because ideally bounded by four streets famous for the many shops and studios of the most important names in fashion.
The heart of “The Fashion” is Via Montenapoleone, which happens to be the sixth most expensive street in the world and prestigious according to the index “Main Streets Across the World”, which ranks the most expensive shopping streets in the international level.
The quadrilateral is contained in four main ways:

Via Montenapoleone
Via Manzoni,
Via della Spiga,
Corso Venezia.

It also consists of some internal routes:

via Borgospesso
Via Santo Spirito,
Jesus away,
Via Sant’Andrea,
Via Bagutta.
Via Verri.






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