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The five European countries where it is easier to find work

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Looking for a job abroad? Want to live in a city with a better quality of life? Read this article! MicroTravelling offers you a ranking of the five European countries where it is easier to find work.


Unhappy with the way of life in these years of crisis, forced by the lack of employment or tired to work hard and poorly paid, many Italians think of leaving the “Beautiful Country”, to go to those nations that promise a better quality of life. But where to go? What are the cities where you can find work? MicroTravelling tries to give an answer to these questions in this ranking of the five European countries where it is easier to find work for an Italian.

5 – London, United Kingdom


London is the main destination for those seeking work abroad. More and more young people are fascinated by this city and the many opportunities it offers. However it must be emphasized that in this country the competition is high and the requirements for well-qualified work are above average. That said, those who aspire to positions relevant’d better turn its attention elsewhere.

4 – Brussels, Belgium


The economy of this country in Northern Europe is one of the best of the old continent. Here the level of quality of life is quite high, however, among the main requirements for working there is the knowledge of French and English. This is a destination for those who do not have problems with language.

3 – Monaco, Germany


Bronze medal to Germany, Merkel will be pleased! This country offers many job opportunities and, all in all, for an Italian, is not that difficult to acclimate, mainly thanks to the large community Italian in this city.

2 – Wien, Austria


Wien is the city with the best quality of life in the world! This country is distinguished by the quality of services and infrastructure, for attention to health and family, air pollution and the network of public transport but also for the excellent job opportunities it offers to its citizens! Lucky them …

1 – Zurich, Switzerland


At the first place we find Switzerland offers absolutely the best opportunity for an Italian jobseekers. More than 500,000 residents Swiss descended from our compatriots. The country has a very low unemployment rate, economic well as presenting a few in Europe. Moreover, thanks to the agreement signed in 1999 between Switzerland and the European Union, citizens of both sides benefit from the right of free movement between their respective territories.

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