The Grand Bazaar

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The Grand Bazaar is one of the most characteristic places of Istanbul, an intricate labyrinth of narrow streets and passageways topped by vaulted ceilings overflowing with colors, scents and wares of all kinds, voices, teeming with people, where there is great confusion. With an area of ​​31 thousand square meters. and 4000 shops and workshops, as well as banks, restaurants, mosques, hammams, Kapalı Çarşı is the largest indoor market in the world and also one of the oldest. It all began back in 1456 with two bedesten wood around which a number of shops were built over time. Following the stone arches took the place of the wooden structure, a vaulted ceiling covered the outdoor shops and new areas were added to the existing ones. In the past, each street bore the names of the goods that were sold, today, despite the mix of activities, there is still a certain division, so on some roads have gathered all the carpet sellers, of all the other antique shops and so on. Always been part of social and economic life of Istanbul, the old shopping center offers items of all types: old books, carpets, jewelry, traditional clothes, fabrics, spices, pottery, leather goods, handmade copper and brass. It ‘a pleasure to get lost among its thousands of stalls, attend the ceremony of trading, be enchanted by the exuberant traders and their goods so carefully arranged … but watch out for pickpockets! The Grand Bazaar is a must-see for those who love shopping, but not only. Where: Old Town. When: Every day except Sunday from 9 to 19. How: Free admission.



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