The most healthiest city in the world

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According to two British newspapers these would be the five healthiest cities in the world. Where life expectancy is very long, where public health works fine and where the movements are quick and easy (and ecological). Not the least applies the money talk. See the Principality of Monaco

What makes a city “healthy”? Probably a combination of factors ranging from health care to green spaces, the operation of the means of transport. Some British newspapers (The Guardian and The Econimist) have compiled a list of cities that can be considered exactly the healthiest in the world. Here are five: their citizens may well be called lucky. And healthy.

The 5 healthiest city in the world


singapore-sands-infinity-pool The 5 healthiest city in the world: Singapore
A Singapore has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world and one of the best expectations fingers: 84.07 years. 80 per cent of the residents of Singapore uses the public health system. It is also one of the cleanest cities in the world.

night_skyscrapers_cityscape_in_tokyo_metropolis_over_sumida_river_1347299795 The 5 healthiest city in the world: Tokyo

The transport system in Tokyo is excellent: you move around 3 million people a day. The expectation of life in the Japanese capital is 84.19 years, also thanks to a strong network of family and community that are the “parachute” in any crisis situation.

burns-beach-perth-wa The 5 healthiest city in the world: Perth

The Australian city of Perth seems to be the healthiest in the world, especially for women. Easy to walk the streets of Perth Cycling, many sports and the outdoors accessible to everyone.

copenaghen The 5 healthiest city in the world: Copenhagen

The Danish capital is at the top of many lists: from any point of view you look at it, Coepanaghen is a perfect city. Every day, 50% of commuters in Copenhagen commute to work or school by bike: throughout the city there are nearly 400 km of cycle paths.

51849_MOnaco3 The 5 healthiest city in the world: the Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is located on the French Riviera, about 1 km east of Nice. While the small Principality is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, even here on the other, life expectancy is very long: 89.6 years. Do not underestimate another aspect: here there is also a high concentration of millionaires. In short, one of the things that makes the Principality of Monaco “healthy” are the (many) money flowing around.

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