The National Museum of Manila

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The National Museum of Manila was founded in 1901. It was established as a museum of ethnography and natural history. It is located in the former building of the old Congress Street to P. Burgos (the main building). The building was designed by American architect Daniel Burnham in 1918. The National Museum of the Philippines Manila has two buildings. The main building section Arts and Science exhibit while former Finance Building in Park Circle Agrifina Rizal, lying next to him, the divisions of anthropology and archeology. This old building is known as Finance National Museum of the Philippines. Congress The old building of the National Museum Philippines houses the famous painting of Juan Luna known to Spoliarium .. There are also works of hidalgo in this museum. Galleries devoted to the San Diego galleon is a must visit. Other objects shown in this museum are jewelry, porcelain dishes, weapons and coins. Admission to the museum is absolutely free. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am visiting public from 5 PM. LRT station nearest to the museum is UN Avenue. In addition to being an ethnographic museum, the National Museum is also dedicated to natural history, and is thus very involved in scientific research and development. The museum houses a diverse array of fine art, cultural objects, archaeological finds and a natural history collection, and also offers lectures, publications, interviews and other exhibitions, all of which are open to the public. Also of note is the museum’s impressive planetarium, established in 1975, which continues to offer shows, talks, demonstrations and celestial observations to its visitors.



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