The Novodevichy Convent

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The Novodevichy Convent (Russian: Новодевичий монастырь, literally the Monastery of the New Maiden, is also known as Bogorodice-Smolensky Monastery (Russian: Богородице-Смоленский монастырь) is undoubtedly the most famous cloister of Moscow.

The name “New Maiden” was given to differ from that of the Ascension located in the Kremlin.

In 1922 the monastery was closed by the Bolsheviks and turned it into a museum for the Emancipation of Women. Since 1926 the monastery was converted into a museum and art historian. In 1934 it became part of the Group of the State Historical Museum.

In 1943, when he began the dialogue between Stalin and the Russian Orthodox Church, was authorized to open courses in theology at the monastery. The following year the courses formed the Theological Institute in Moscow. In 1945 he returned to the Cathedral of the faithful.

In 1994, the nuns made ​​a comeback, and you still live under the control of the Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna. Some of the churches and other monastic buildings are still affiliated with the State Historical Museum. In 1995 he resumed the services of the monastery on the occasion of the commemoration of the patron saint.

Since 2004 it has been included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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