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The Park of Hitachi in Japan and its 4.5 million deep blue flowers

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Hitachi – Japan

Now run on the web a lot of photos retouched so well as to be almost perfect and wonderful, but this is not the case of pictures taken to the fields of the famous park of Hitachi, Japan, the Hitachi Seaside Park, an area of 190 hectares with fantastic types flowers that bloom all year.

The most famous is the “Nemophila” born in the spring and precisely in April, giving an extraordinary landscape with 4.5 million flowers that cover a very large area, visible from many miles away.

This protected territory and protection of the state has become quite popular due to these tiny blue flowers that attract many visitors every year from all over the world.

In this article you will find some photos chosen especially for you that will show the harmony and beauty of a fascinating landscape and almost magical.





These adorable flowers, belonging to the family of “hydrophillaceae”, are also known as “baby blue eyes” for their shades of deep blue. The exact point to observe them is the hill Miharashi No Oka from which you can admire its highest expression.

For all those who are planning to visit Japan next spring do not forget to visit this fantastic park that Hitachi can turn on foot following paths outlined in the flowers, also use bikes with specific routes or a small shuttle.



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