The Senso-ji Temple (Asakusa Kannon)

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When man overcomes himself to achieve his god, creates equally beautiful and quiet stand in my opinion is the case of Senso-ji Temple. The Senso-ji Temple (also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) is a Buddhist temple located in Asakusa district of Tokyo. It ‘easy to reach as it is located just steps from the subway station in Tokyo (line G and line A). This large and famous temple dedicated to the goddess Kannon, goddess of mercy, and is in my opinion one of the wonders of the East. The first thing that the visitor is in front is the colorful Kaminarimon (ie port of thunder) with its huge red lantern that seems to want to light the way for everyone who sees it. Please note the details in the wood of the door scilpiti of the brightest colors and colorful, and the dragon partilare intagilato the bottom of the big lantern. Through this door you have access to Nakamise, more precisely to a 200 meters long street full of shops crammed with souvenirs and local products in Japan: In fact, here you can find the traditional Yukata (Kimono dress very similar to) and all worthy of a Geisha, reminiscent of ancient samurai swords and sweets typical of Asakusa area. At the end of this street dedicated to shopping Hozom are traditional, the second red door through which we enter the courtyard of the Temple: This is located just a temple dedicated to the goddess Kannon in which you can participate to some public functions. The furniture gold mixed with red makes the charged atmosphere of great spirituality and respect. Do not forget to purify themselves before entering the great censer placed just at the entrance of the temple, to join so also the spirit to the culture that surrounds us. Next to the main temple there is also the equally famous 5-story Pagoda with its grandeur had probably already been noticed just arrived. Also wandering around the courtyard we can find statues dedicated to various gods and small altars ppreghiera, a buddha in a strange position that seems to want to turn up at any moment and the “wagons” (not sure how they think we are a species of all golden canopy) that use during a festival held at the temple in the first days of March. If you are lucky you may even see one of the many matsuri (festival traditional) that take place in this sacred place. It ‘a show irripetible see so many different elements together but all at once. The moment you cross the first door is like entering another world centuries away from us, girls and ladies dressed in kimono walking naturally cured in every detail, from a perfumery shop comes the good trick a freshly cooked on an old brazier by a nice gentleman who seems to know all the technologies of the last century and several monks follow each other in a frantic but at the same time calm and goings. The atmosphere is full of history and tradition, but at the same time living with technology and innovation allowing them to combine two ancient times.

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