The worst travel advice

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“Do not waste money on bottled water! I drank from the tap and I feel great,” said a friend met in a hostel in Kathmandu. Then I have not seen him around for three days, and when he reappeared he was four pounds lighter.

1 Mai women sunglasses

One of the most hotly debated topics in the world of travel, and one of the most nuanced. Of course the answer is: it depends. India and some countries of the Middle East can be risky for lone female travelers. Tips unfounded suggest that women do not move by themselves in Thailand or even in England rightly provoke protests from real travelers. Unpleasant things can happen in all countries, men and women. The best advice is: do not take risks that do not correresti to your home.

2 Do not eat street food

Without exaggeration, this is the worst advice travel history. Yes, in some countries it is advisable to pay attention qualdo you choose a food stall on the street. But street food is certainly the most direct and economical way to understand the spirit of a country – should be considered an integral part of the journey. In addition, the most seasoned travelers will remember that they were wrong at least once after eating at a fine restaurant, also in the United States or in Italy; this proves that you can have bad surprises everywhere.

3 Bring traveler’s checks for emergencies

Traveller’s checks have ceased to be fundamental in the late 90s, when ATMs were widely circulated. Today, moreover, have become almost useless in many destinations, so few banks and agencies are willing to accept. For emergencies, then it is better to run with a debit or credit card to be kept in a place other than your wallet. Having a secret pocket in which to hide some nice bill in dollars or euro is another good idea.

4 In Italy there is the best pizza in the world

Budget travelers has many stories to tell about the worst pizza eaten around Venice or other places in Italy. The tourist traps scattered close to places of interest are specialized in selling bad food claiming to be one of the local dishes often celebrated in the world.

5. Plan all or nothing?

Here we must be very careful. Time permitting and destination, plan little or nothing, for example, for a trip out of season in Greece, may prove to be an interesting experience. The same approach for the Caribbean in high season can send you to ruin or make you sleep on a bench. Fortunately, you often find in a middle and an astute mix of planning and improvisation can be beneficial.

6 No Facebook in China

In general it is not a problem from China, you can access Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many other things, just be a bit ‘determined. A brief search of the latest news, conducted before departure, you will avoid wasting time.

7 Bring many clothes in the laundry saves

In theory is correct, but it is not very sensible. With a few exceptions, to use the laundry when traveling is pretty simple and sometimes less expensive than at home – in Vietnam, just give a dollar and a bag of dirty clothes to the clerk of the hotel. And then more clothes ports, most will weigh the suitcase, with the risk of paying fines for boarding.

8 To have stocks for the entire trip: liquid for contact lenses, sunscreen, tampons and medicine

Again, depends on the destination, but usually are not things hard to find. And often you will pay less.

9 Keep a knife handy when you travel in …

(well, here the preparation has dampened a bit ‘…)
Anyone who gives you such advice has not traveled a lot and maybe it is not too pleasing even at home.

10 Do not bother with a guide, there is everything online

Maybe one day it will be true, but today rely only on the information collected online after a few hours of research is a rather questionable. There are excellent sites devoted to specific destinations, but for a valid site there are 100 with outdated information, not verified or devoid of authority.

More importantly, read reliable information published by a serious and collected by an author who has traveled for the express purpose of giving you the news that you are reading is something that conveys a sense of security. Honestly, I can not predict whether this pleasant state of mind may one day be recreated elsewhere – until then, however, gladly pay the price of a guide.

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