This happens in a small island in the Maldives.

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It might surprise you, but one of the coolest things that happen on earth is a natural phenomenon, although it looks fake. Take this beach, for example. All these starlets are not the result of a good job of Photoshop. Mother Nature can do things really incredible.

This incredible show happens on the island of Vaadhoo, in the Maldives, as a result of phytoplankton.


Phytoplankton causes bioluminescence, or biological light.


The “dinoflagellates” are a special type of phytoplankton and cause this blue light through a special membrane that responds to electrical signals.


And is phosphorescent.


These phosphorescent waves are amazing.


We would pay anything to see these waves phosphorescent in person, in this tropical paradise. I never thought to get to say a thing: but the phytoplankton that’s cool!


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