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o find out Tokyo must first explore the heart of each neighborhood, from the city center and then from the Imperial Palace and Ginza, the most famous shopping districts in all of Japan. It ‘a very important economic and financial center, also one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tokyo. The former residence of the Shogun (the “warlords”), has always been an exclusive place (its name derives from Gin, silver).
Asakusa is located in the northeast of the center of Tokyo, the final stop of the subway Ginza line (see page how to get around in Tokyo), Asakusa is one of the less chaotic in the capital where they still meet girls who walk in kimono and numerous rickshaw in the streets (more for tourists than anything else). Asakusa is a part of that area of ​​the city called by the Japanese shitamachi (lower town), next to the Sumida River.
Akihabara is a district rather than a huge store of electronics. Here you can buy from the small and original gadget object is sophisticated. As in all markets, the sale shall be preceded by intensive negotiations. Akihibara is also a sort of museum of technology: it is possible to find still working the first PCs, as well as mechanical robots eighties.
Shibuya is without doubt one of the most dynamic areas of the city. The area is illuminated by giant screens, on all the buildings in the area, and there is a wide variety of shops (mostly clothing and music) and love hotels and restaurants. The young people of Shibuya express themselves through the art of cosplay and fashion ganguro, making the district even more colorful and very distinctive.
Shinjuku is the favorite shopping place tokyoti: there are boutiques, department stores, shops and underground shopping centers that grow all around the station, already labyrinthine. Shinjuku is home to the largest, best known and most active gay community in Japan, Shinjuku ni-chome. It is also the home of Waseda University and the Yakult Swallows baseball team.
Ikebukuro neighborhood and known for “the way of the girls” (Otodome Rodo), indicating by this expression the presence of otaku women attending the various shops of anime and manga in this area. Sunshine City is must for those who want to visit this interesting district.
Roppongi is a district particularly known for Roppongi Hills (where there is the Mori Tower, the skyscraper above the area), for the many night clubs and to be the destination for many tourists and Western expatriates (gaijin), although the majority of visitors and residents and Japanese. The district is bordered to the south by the district of Akasaka and north of Azabu district.
Harajuku is the area of ​​fashion more extrovert of Tokyo, from Gothic Lolita to Ganguro. Who wants to cosplay, this is the right neighborhood.
Ueno, located in the eastern part of central Tokyo, is a point of cultural excellence with its museums, shrines and temples.

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